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At HOECK SCHLÜTER VAAGT, all specialist fields are filled by highly specialised lawyers and specialist lawyers who act in the interest of our clients. The existence of a relationship built on trust between client and lawyer is essential for the successful structuring of a case. For this reason, the mandate activity of the lawyer on behalf of the client is more than just a business relationship. Although the lawyer, in his capacity as the party representative, represents the interests of the client, he is, at the same time, obliged to critically assess the case and to contribute the experiences made from other mandates he has supported.
Admittedly, the short profiles of the lawyers at HOECK SCHLÜTER VAAGT, which you can view by clicking on the respective lawyer, cannot replace a personal impression. However, we would like to try to give you an initial idea as to who the lawyers at HOECK SCHLÜTER VAAGT are, what their professional emphasis is, which experiences they have and which commitments they pursue outside their legal activities. You will be able to learn everything else in a personal conversation with the respective lawyer. Please arrange for a personal meeting, to which you are cordially invited.


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