A long tradition of expertise

The present form of the HOECK SCHLÜTER VAAGT partnership is the result of the early 2008 fusion of the two partnerships: Hoeck & Schlüter, and Vaagt Scheel Momme.

The Vaagt Scheel Momme partnership dates back 1924, as lawyer Dr. Paul Steffen established his practice, initially on his own, and then from 1930 in partnership with Dr. Ludwig Gerber and since 1957 also with Dr. Owe Vaagt. The partnership grew to become one of the leading providers of legal services in Flensburg and southern Denmark. The primary focus of the partnership was on commercial law, tax law, and company law. The partnership’s clients include many of Flensburg’s old-established merchant families, and also Danish entrepreneurs operating in Germany.

The roots of the Hoeck & Schlüter partnership go back to a practice established by the lawyer Ernst-Julius Hoeck, and another established by lawyer Joachim Schlüter. Ernst-Julius Hoeck started practising in Flensburg in 1966. The practice founded by Joachim Schlüter in 1987 concentrated on commercial law from the very start. This is where a cornerstone of our present core expertise was laid. The two practices of Hoeck and Schlüter merged in 1994. Since then the Hoeck & Schlüter partnership has steadily grown to its present size by adopting new partners.

Since 2008 the HOECK SCHLÜTER VAAGT partnership, with a current strength of 14 lawyers, four of whom are notaries, has been united in Flensburg.

With an overall staff of about 35 professionals, we have created a professional infrastructure in modern, easily accessible offices in one of Flensburg’s main business development locations, the Lise Meitner Strasse. Our conference centre boasts seven larger and smaller conference rooms, giving our clients enough space to express their ideas, thoughts and plans.