All-round corporate care

All-round corporate care

from establishment to success

In our modern world companies have numerous legal challenges to master. We are there for the entrepreneur. Our aim is to assist you in all matters, and also take some of the load, so that you can concentrate on your operational business. This goal has enabled us to develop the very broad area of commercial and corporate law into one of the most important areas of expertise at Hoeck Schlüter Vaagt. The scope of services we provide in this aspect is orientated on entrepreneurial requirements:

We look after your company’s interests, from the birth of the idea, throughout its realisation, to your ultimate success. We help you to set up and develop your company – or to ensure that the hand-over to your successor goes smoothly.

We help and advise you in choosing the correct legal form for your company. We prepare all the necessary legal work, and monitor their realisation. Our experienced company law department will help you to set up, register and administrate your company quickly, and in a legally safe manner. We also arrange your shareholders meetings as efficiently as we arrange your mergers, acquisitions or structuring activities.

By preparing legally secure employment contracts, or a clear delineation between the areas of responsibility of shareholders and general manager we give your company an inner stature. We help you to avoid and avert personal liability risks, with regard to creditors, tax or social security authorities.

We shape your legal relations with customers, suppliers, clients, contractors, associations, public authorities or debtors. We provide help so that you can maintain the right distance between you and your competitors. We also prepare specimen contracts of the most varied types for you. We check your draft contracts and assist you with your negotiations. We design your general terms and conditions of business, or help you out of those of your contract partner.

If you let us, we will be your constant partner, escort and champion of your interests. Once familiar with your business, we think along the right lines for you, we think ahead, and sometimes even laterally.
The most economical form of settling disputes is usually to keep it out of court. Although this is something we pay special attention to, if it is not possible to settle a dispute out of court we will also fight your case forcefully and skilfully in court.